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Curriculum Vitæ Henco de Berg


Reviewer: Hans Fidom
Source: De orgelkrant

Henco de Berg demonstrates on this CD that command of form and the consistent assessment and development of ideas are essential for convincing improvisations. The orientation on historical examples appears only from the titles; within the framework thus established, De Berg manages to create an individual and close-knit idiom. This is true improvisation.

Reviewer: Kees Weggelaar
Source: De Orgelvriend

The stately Intrada is dominated by many chords with open fifths, alternating with episodes in lively rhythms. Excellent timing of the different elements keeps this Intrada in good balance. In fact, the same goes for all the improvisations on this CD. Of the Quatre Chorals Grégoriens, inspired by the music of Charles Tournemire and Jeanne Demessieux, the first piece ('Puer natus est nobis') is somewhat reminiscent of Marcel Dupré; against a perpetuum mobile of soft passages at lightning speed, the Gregorian chant is developed impressively. The most "Tournemire-like" is the second movement, Haec dies / Victimae Pascali Laudes. Another striking piece is the very concise Veni Creator Spiritus on the full organ with the cantus firmus in the pedal, "enriched" later with the Bazuin 32'. After a most lively Tanztoccata, De Berg continues with 10 Esquisses sur B-A-C-H. Varying in length from 53 seconds to more than 4 minutes, each one of them displays outstanding skills, particularly the Tutti I, II, Cornet, and Flûtes. Thoroughly recommended, therefore, to all who wish to delve further into improvisation.

Reviewer: Herman van Hartingsveldt
Source: Gereformeerd Kerkblad

As he improvises, De Berg undertakes a journey through organ music, calling on Reger, Karg-Elert and Demessieux. The familiar B-A-C-H theme is a particular source of inspiration, partly through the varied registrations. Refined counterpoint, striking tonal colours and moments of profound peace are cause for admiration. The Bavo organ - very recognisably recorded - is used with style.

Reviewer: Frits Haaze
Source: KDOV-blad

The Intrada begins with a forceful plenum and makes a very energetic impression. The piece is short and concise, and in just four minutes the listener is treated to a whole range of vivid harmonic colours and registrations. The Four Gregorian Chorales offer wide contrasts. The Veni Creator is conspicuous for the strong registration, clearly depicting the blowing of the Spirit. The Tanztoccata is a groovy affaire, something often missed at our organ recitals. On this CD Henco de Berg demonstrates once again his great skill as an improviser.

Reviewer: Piet van de Wege
Source: Reformatorisch Dagblad

Improvisation on this level is unique in the music world. The Esquisses sur B-A-C-H are particularly convincing - eleven short and crystal-clear pieces in which De Berg achieves the greatest variation. The accuracy of this blind organist is astounding.


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