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Curriculum Vitæ Henco de Berg



Reviewer: Jan-Willem van Braak

The performance is both compelling and convincing. Sometimes it is very nearly surrealistic and some movements (V, XIV) are of an almost etherial beauty. A greater compliment is hardly conceivable. In his hands the organ is a joy to listen to. That such a large instrument sounds so very well in this building, is an achievement on the part of both the organ builder and the organist.

Reviewer: René Verwer
Source: Luister

Besides the special organ, there appears to be a second reason why this Le Chemin de la Croix was recorded in Dudelange: in the early 20th century, the artist Dominique Lang painted a Way of the Cross in this church (to which the liner notes devote attention). Those who accompanied the blind De Berg will have described them in full detail, so that he could portray them so wonderfully in music.

Reviewer: Roel Sikkema
Source: Nederlands Dagblad

This recording bears impressive witness to the improvisational art of the blind organist Henco de Berg.

Reviewer: Okke Dijkhuizen
Source: Kerk & Muziek

The Stahlhuth organ in Dudelange possesses a variety of soft stops, which can be further varied with the two swell boxes. The instrument can whisper and overwhelm. Listening to this CD, I was impressed once again by the improvisational art of Henco de Berg.


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