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Curriculum Vitæ Jolanda Zwoferink


Reviewer: Joost van Beek

Both works on this CD are mature and unadulterated symphonies. The lucid introductory notes by Henco de Berg are an excellent aid to listening. But most convincing of all is the performance by Jolanda Zwoferink, who clearly believes in this technically demanding music. The wonderful Madeleine organ fits these pieces like a glove, and thanks to the fine recording it is almost true to life via the loudspeakers.

Reviewer: Frits Haaze
Source: KDOV-blad

In Zwoferink's intense playing, this fascinating repertoire has the best possible advocate.

Reviewer: Herman Rijkers
Source: Katholiek Nieuwsblad

Worthy of note are Zwoferink's skilful and very devoted playing, and particularly her carefully balanced registrations. A recording of great clarity.


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