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Curriculum Vitæ Jolanda Zwoferink


Reviewer: Chiel-Jan van Hofwegen

Naturally, a complete performance of this work is highly demanding. Unflinchingly, the organist Jolanda Zwoferink has delivered no inconsiderable achievement in recording the entire work. She plays with much conviction and musicianship and has complete command of the sometimes highly abstract material. Recording engineer Aad van der Waal has made a fine recording, with a good balance between detail and spatial effect.

Reviewer: Frits Haaze
Source: KDOV-blad

With her fantastic playing, Jolanda Zwoferink shows herself to be an outstanding organist. This performance is colourful and highly musical, and the recording is first-class. Get hold of this CD!

Reviewer: Roel Sikkema
Source: Nederlands Dagblad

The work is made accessible by the fine and accurate playing of Jolanda Zwoferink, who chose a splendid organ well suited to this type of music. Moreover, the instrument in Dudelange has been excellently recorded (Aad van der Waal), with a fine balance between transparency and spatial effect.

Reviewer: Herman van Hartingsveldt
Source: Gereformeerd Kerkblad

In the performance of part VIII Institution de l'Eucharistie, Jolanda Zwoferink's great empathy and expression transport the listener to unknown heights. It is a listening experience of supernal beauty, radiating reverence. An admirable and sensitive performance.

Reviewer: Kees Weggelaar
Source: De Orgelvriend

The 1912 Stahlhuth organ is most suitable for Messiaen's final organ work. Through her excellent and most sensitive playing, Jolanda Zwoferink has convincingly demonstrated her affinity with this cycle, and had added a significant milestone to the high-quality Prestare label. Purchase of this artistically impressive double CD is in every sense worthwhile.

Reviewer: Henk Rijkers
Source: Katholiek Nieuwsblad

A splendid production, one of the best of its kind!


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