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Curriculum Vitæ Jolanda Zwoferink


Reviewer: Lourens Stuifbergen
Source: De Orgelvriend

In her recording of the complete Livre du Saint Sacrement, Jolanda Zwoferink already demonstrated that she is an excellent Messiaen interpreter. Most impressive!

The performance of the Diptique is superb; in particular, the monodic writing, in all its apparent simplicity, is full of atmosphere.

The Apparation de l’Eglise éternelle is very compelling: in an inevitable movement, Zwoferink realises the great crescendo and decrescendo and evokes the image of the eternal church as an immense cathedral. Only in a live performance by Olivier Latry some years ago did I hear this work so wonderfully played.

The Messe de la Pentecôte requires of the organist the very greatest technical command, unremitting precision and, in particular, an outstanding musical ability to create a cohesive whole. And here Zwoferink is unsurpassed, while her registrations and touch do the rest. At all times, the music has a great singing quality, and even the most virtuosic passages, as in the last part 'Le vent de l'Esprit', remain controlled and transparent. A CD for the top 10 at home.


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