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Curriculum Vitæ Jolanda Zwoferink


Reviewer: Thomas Haubrich
Source: Facebook

I have it: YOU all should have it too ;-) Great!

Reviewer: Christo Lelie
Source: Trouw

Organ playing with a fine touch on a unique instrument. This 'opus magnum' by Gottfried Silbermann in the German 'Hofkirche' in Dresden has been wonderfully restored to its original splendour. Jolanda Zwoferink played her first CD with Bach organ works on this magnificent instrument. The result is impressive. Her organ playing has a fine touch and is very creative. Especially in the choral preludes she makes use of a lot of sounds (stops) that are only possible on a Silbermann organ like this one. The mighty preludes sound with a majesty which Bach himself called 'Gravität', without ever becoming unclear. It shows that Zwoferink got inspired by the sound of this unique instrument.

Reviewer: Lourens Stuifbergen
Source: De Orgelvriend

This new Bach CD is really impressive. Judging from the restoration plan for his own organ at Mühlhausen from 1709 and his approval testing of other organs, it is believed that Bach himself valued greatly the full sound of mixtures (plenum sound) of each manual in its own right. He also had a predilection for stops like 'Viola di gamba' and 'Fagott 16'. He deemed a certain depth of sound, called Gravität in German, essential. One could not leave out the presence of a 32' stop, i.c. an Untersatz 32 among the pedal stops. The magnificent Silbermann organ in the Dresdner Hofkirche, built between 1750 and 1754, finished by Silbermann's pupil Zacharias Hildebrandt after his death, has all of the aforementioned qualities. Combined with the ideal acoustics one could not wish for better circumstances for performing Bach's organ music. Some of the performances are very impressive and the orgel sounds wonderful.

Reviewer: David de Jong

Zwoferink plays Bach in a convincing way. She has a very solid way of playing, state of the art. She makes the music breathe and articulates Bach's sentences well. Most fascinating is her interpretation of the chorale 'Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam'. She attempts shaping each piece in its own right. That turns listening to this CD into an adventure. A 5-star recording.


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